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IF there’s one thing I’ve learned in running my business over the last 18 years, it is… “People buy from people.” They don’t buy from a company, an institution, a store, an outlet, a brand or even the internet. They buy from another person. A person who creates an experience. Who connects with the user in some way. No matter what your product or service, people use their emotions to make purchasing decisions. They say yes or no because of how another human presented them with options, benefits, opportunities, ways to buy. So what is our role as business owners? To make sure our teams who are interacting with our customers are passionate about pleasing the client. Providing solutions all along the way. NOT just when the sale is made. Because the sale is not a sale until the client is so satisfied, they write you a check.

That’s where my focus is. Making sure my staff is not just satisfying you, but delighting you. Everyone from the project managers, to the graphics folks, to the person crating your booth. Each one of them has to be a solutions provider. Not just the person who SELLS you an exhibit, but everyone who produces it, ships it, services it, and makes our partnership easy. That’s what gets clients coming back year after year. To help foster that, we’ve started this new blog to provide you with ideas and solutions to run your exhibits and businesses better. So stay tuned for future messages from the many pros here at Grapevine who will share their expertise with you.

Thanks for reading… and special thanks to my talented Grapevine family who continually make a difference and earn your business season after season. Cordially,

Eileen LaPenta