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Like most of you, we heard about it for months. “The Pope is coming to Philadelphia.” Every news station, every radio station, every newspaper, every social media site was crammed with stories about the Pope’s route, activities, security checkpoints… and then, of course all the merchandise, from Pope T-shirts, bobble heads and Pope-named beer, even Pope-shaped mozzarella from a South Philadelphia cheese shop.

I thought it eluded our company. Until one day, one our senior account executives – Tom McAndrews – approached me in the hallway and said, “Guess what, Eileen. We’re doing the banners around the city to welcome Pope Francis.”

It seems that Tom had contacts at the City of Philadelphia, who had contacts at the Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Airport, Clear Channel and Penn Medicine. They all needed banners. A huge part of our team dove into the project – on a tight deadline – and produced hundreds of banners, delivering them directly to the client ON TIME. Over the next few days, the banners were sky-lifted onto jumbo poles framing every major intersection in the city. There they were, on every news report, billowing in the late summer breeze – the custom banners our team produced. With multiple photos of the ever-smiling Pope Francis… from multiple sponsors. In my humble opinion, they were the best city-wide party banners EVER.

We saw people posing under them… actually photographing the banners themselves as a part of their journey. (Probably our most photographed project EVER, with over 1,000,000 visitors that week in Center City Philadelphia.)

Boy, did that feel great… for two reasons:

To know our team at Grapevine had a part of that welcome.

To know that a great collaboration – fantastic well-thought-out graphics provided by the client – along with quality attention-to-detail by our crew – can produce such a product of PRIDE. Worthy of a Pope, and the proud people of Philadelphia.

Thanks for the wonderful opportunity.

Eileen LaPenta