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The goal of any good exhibit design is to make your exhibit NOTICEABLE and IMPACTFUL. There are many ways to do this – with strong themes, backlighting, powerful & bold graphics, etc. One way of creating this is through TEXTURE. There are many new materials that make this easier than ever.
Having a tactile element in an exhibit space is a break from the norm in a show hall and can make an exhibit stand out. This can be created with actual materials, like wood and stone, which add a solid, grounded, classic image to a brand statement.
The goal on almost every exhibit, however, is to make everything lighter and faster to install. With high-density foam panels, one can create realistic brick, stone and wood facades. Peel & stick wood planks and luxury vinyl tile are also great choices. Add dramatic lighting to really make the texture pop.

Another way to create lightweight textures can be to use fabrics as a medium, printed with realistic-looking textures to create a scene or mimic actual materials. A back wall can easily be made of lightweight fabrics, yet mimic the look of concrete or wood. Instead of treating the fabric as a canvas to show traditional graphics, transform the wall to look like a solid structure or give the look and feel of a natural environment.
One of our clients created a rainforest theme to debut their new eco-friendly products. We used fabric printed columns representing trees, which covered the booth support poles. It looked so realistic… people actually came up just to touch the trees… I mean the fabric!

The fabric elements can also be layered to create a dramatic, playful or mysterious effect. There are various textures and transparencies available to do this in a dramatic way – just ask us!
The object of the game is to engage the prospect and get them INTO our exhibit, to get them talking. If a client likes the way your display looks, and shows interest and creativity, you’re one step ahead of the game in counting them as a viable lead. Plus, isn’t it fun to watch people reach out and touch a surface? It sure breaks the ice, doesn’t it?
It would be our pleasure for my team to incorporate texture into your next exhibit or environment, if it’s right for your message or budget.

Doug Huber
Director of Operations & Design