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The experts have measured it. A prospect decides in just 3 seconds whether to visit your trade show booth or not. It’s not much time, but we humans can do an awfully lot in just 3 seconds.

1. We look for “connections.” Does the product or service show something I want or need? Is the booth an environment that makes me feel comfortable? Is this a brand I like or would like to know more about? Bottom line… if a prospect connects to the look, the brand, the photos, graphics or actual products in your booth, you have a better shot of luring them in.

2. We look for something COOL. An interactive demo. A challenge. A contest. A “feel this” experience. A unique new product. A celebrity. A dynamic graphic background. Food or drink. Giveaways that tie-in with the product. The more engaging, relevant and fun you make your booth, the better shot at attracting and keeping the right prospects in your exhibit space.

3. We look for smiling, welcoming, approachable people. Checking your email messages? Reading the paper? Eating in your booth? Chatting with co-workers? Not smiling? Not acknowledging me as special, as valuable? As the great Maya Angelou said, “I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” It’s the same in the booth space.

We at Grapevine can help you with #1 and #2. (But we’ll always make YOU feel like the most important VIP when you work with us. It’s our hallmark service.)

So, how can we help put your best foot forward so their 3-second decision to step in your booth is their best move of the day?

Mary Ellen Sokalski, MAS
Director of Marketing