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When we sit down to meet with a new client for the first time strategizing a booth design, we often ask in so many words, “So what’s your secret sauce?” What makes you special? Why do people really buy from you and not your competitors? Why do I want to partner with you? What benefits do you offer that no one else does? How will you wow me? And why will I care?

Sometimes the answer is “many things.” But when designing an exhibit, there’s usually a focus on just one… your most common denominator BENEFIT to that primary audience of prospects you want to reach at a trade show. And as business owners and marketers passionate about all aspects of our business, sometimes it’s difficult to narrow it down to a few, let alone one single message.

So the real question is… put yourself in the shoes of your best prospect, and ask, “What’s most important to you about our product and service?” And THAT’s your answer… your single most important secret sauce.

Once we know that, and your audience, the design of your booth is EASY. Convey the sauce to us, and we’ll provide all the dressings to deliver that delicious message, on time and on budget.

On that note, on this 18th Thanksgiving season in our wonderful industry, we thank all of our valued clients for letting us help you serve up your secret sauce a la trade style over the years. And to our team of booth designers, builders and support staffers here at Grapevine – heartfelt thanks for being the sauce that has built our business to over 1,000 satisfied clients. You are the best!

Many more prosperous years to all of you!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Eileen LaPenta