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Despite the fact that it’s our busy season, getting ready for all of your first quarter trade show exhibits and new interiors, we had an office decorating contest here at Grapevine. And that means our team has been in before hours, at lunch times and after hours sneaking decorations and noodling out projects behind closed doors.

I couldn’t help but peek. And I was in awe of the sheer imagination and attention to detail that’s going on in every department. Snow ski slopes, video fireplaces, palettes turned into mantles, invisible presents, laminate chips-turned-into-ornaments, miniature villages coming alive… the innovation and tiny detail was mind-blowing.

But why am I surprised? That goes on every day here with your booths and interiors. Why should our holiday contest be different?

You see, THAT’s why I hired these people. They bring creativity and fresh ideas to every project. And their detail focus is second to none. That’s why clients come back to us every year. Because we’ve created WOW environments to attract and woo their best prospects. It’s what we do.

So, thank you for letting us work our detail magic for you. It’s been a pleasure, an honor, a privilege.

May your New Year bring you all those good little details.


Eileen LaPenta