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Have you gone to an event recently, and walked away saying, “Wow. That was great!”?
That’s exactly what I charged our staff with planning next week at our first-ever “Booth-A-Palooza.”

When we brainstormed creating a NIRVANA day for our clients visiting our facility, some envisioned seminars where you’d learn new ideas and best practices in trade shows. Some described a tour, where you not only see the facility behind the scenes, but become a PART of it in an INTERACTIVE experience that was fun and insightful at the same time. About half the team insisted on showing you new exhibit products. Finally… they were unanimous on meeting the team, gifts, door prizes. and of course FOOD. (What would an event be without THAT!)

And that’s exactly what we planned. An event like no other. Produced by a creative team like no other. Hence, the festival-like name, and theme, “a day of booth enlightenment.”

It’s our chance to strut our stuff and surprise you with all we can do. Bottom line… if we can impress you with HOW we host our own event… imagine what we can do in supporting YOURS. Plus, you’ll get to network with other fantastic clients of ours – fellow exhibit pros, entrepreneurs, and sales and marketing leaders, who we learn from every day.
So please register today. We look forward to you ending your day next Thursday, January 28th, with a big, “Wow! You guys do it RIGHT! It was a blast!”

Eileen LaPenta