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Two weeks ago, we hosted our first “all out” Open House here at our Grapevine headquarters. It was so all out, we named it “Booth-A-Palooza.” It was a “Day of Exhibit Enlightenment” for our customers. It featured seminars, an interactive tour of our 100,000 square feet facility, meet and greets with our team, and new product introductions. Over a hundred people attended, and we hope they gained a lot from the experience.

But I bet they don’t realize it was also a “Day of Enlightenment” for us as well.

After the event, we surveyed why people came initially. The overwhelming response… to see new products and secondarily, to attend our seminars.

But when we asked what was most valuable to our attendees about the day… their top 3 responses were… meeting with the team at Grapevine. The reps, the experts, and even me. (Ha-ha!)

The other aspects of the event also had “excellent” reviews. People raved about the behind-the-scenes tours, said how valuable the seminars were, and loved the new products we debuted. But they were most impressed with the people, and how each is an expert in their own area, and how well they connect and work with each other in building your exhibit, supporting your show efforts.

I am also not surprised that we learned so much more about our clients, their businesses and exhibit dreams. That old saying… “The more I teach those who want to learn, the more I learn…” is so true.

Thanks to all who came and shared your ideas. And to our team? Thanks for all your hard working getting ready and being our “enlighteners” – our resident experts and tour guides who showed how passionate you are about building exhibits.

Eileen LaPenta