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I had the pleasure of attending the Digital Sign Expo 2017 in Las Vegas, NV. Armed with a ton of questions and challenges from our clients, I went in search of some good solutions. Ultimately leaving with the intended answers, I was blown away by some of the displays. Below are some of the highlights.

LG Technologies

LG has some wonderful, innovative products to showcase. Many of their products were introduced at the CES show. They had the opportunity to provide more information at the DSE since many of the products are now out for purchase. The twister TVs (above) brought in much attention as it moved and bent the tvs, adjusting their presentation with each move. While this initially brought people in, the LG Wallpaper (right and below) was a show stopper for me. Having a width of only 3 quarters (coins) back to back, the quality image popped right off the wall.

For our retail clients, this not only provides a visual board against a wall for showcasing your products, but when encased in glass (back-to-back) provides a beautiful piece of work that is sure to get attention.

eLo Touchscreens

eLo had an equally impressive presence. Although less innovative, their products amplified the practical use they have in a WIDE range of environments.

This 3x1 video wall (using 55″ touch screens) allowed the end user to interact with the presentation on all 3 monitors. Stemming from one computer (driving all 3 monitors), this video wall will have people in your lobby mesmerized while learning about your company. The picture with the multiple touch screens (above left) is showcasing eLo Interactive/eLo View. This functionality allows you to guide/monitor someones interaction with a simple interface, while giving you control with a cloud based management system.

Walking Around

While walking around the show, there were definitely things that made you stop. Whether is was decorative or engaging, each display had a purpose. The following were fun items that caught my attention.

Both of these displays made use of the new 86″ (85″ x 14″) stretched tv. The four sided kiosk engaged people in four different directions with stunning videos. This was a brilliant way to engage people walking by your space by four different sales people at the same time. The one on the right was dynamic and got my attention.

3D technology is still coming along. It was very interesting to be able to see how you can demo a product and have different options superimposed overtop the physical product.

Clear LED

The clear LED wall – what i would describe as a mesh LED wall – attracted a lot of attention. You could see directly through this large format TV. In retail environments, it would allow you to demo your video, while allowing your end user to see right through to the actual product. For the trade show environment, you can attract your attention with your videos, while still preserving that open feel of the confined space.

At the end of the day, it was fun to be able to explore new and innovative products.


If you’re going to go with any new technology, make sure your content is formatted correctly for optimal viewing. You wouldn’t want to attract attention for your pixelations. =)

Contact us today to find out how we can use these new technologies in your environment.