If you are hosting an exhibit at a trade show, or you want to spice up your corporate environment, adding technology to your display could make your company stand out and give you a leg up against the competition.

The days of boring displays with only a table and a banner are long-gone. When it comes to exhibits, technology is on the rise. There are so many new and advanced ways to showcase your products and services and make exhibits more interactive for prospective customers.

Why Add Technology?

At Grapevine Visual Concepts, we can give your display the technological twist it needs. We create different types of displays, from small pop-ups to intricate exhibits, that incorporate technology.

To accurately convey your company’s message and put your best foot forward at trade shows, allow Grapevine Visual Concepts to create a technological display for you. These types of displays, which are especially helpful for companies that use technology in their services, can be displayed on television screens or other devices.

Technology From Grapevine Visual Concepts

Many of our staff members have worked in the IT industry for years, making them qualified to complete even some of the most intricate and difficult projects. They have created new and innovative products for computers and other pieces of technology, which has allowed them to effectively use this knowledge when incorporating technology into exhibits.

What Can Adding Technology Help You Accomplish?

Technological displays can help accomplish multiple goals that will ultimately benefit your company. Here are some things you can do by adding technology to your exhibit:

  • Present new products
    • If you have a new product or service, technology makes it simple to show it to an audience. Showing your product on a screen can intrigue prospects and enable them to give feedback based on what they see.
  • Have prospects interact with work stations
    • Prospects are more likely to stop and learn about your company if your exhibit is interactive.
  • Entertain prospects with games
    • Prospects are likely to remember exhibits that were fun and immersive. Offering games on a touch screen isn’t only entertaining, but it’s impressive as well.
  • Capture more data than lead retrievers
    • Technology allows you to track and record data in real time.
  • Survey clients easily with immediately tallied data
    • On a touch screen or pad, customers can quickly fill out a survey. This allows you to get their results immediately.
  • Fulfill requests on the spot
    • Clients will receive your follow-up instantly when you can get information from technology.

When you purchase a portable display for sale from Grapevine Visual Concepts, consider incorporating technology to give your exhibit an extra element and attract new customers. Our IT experts can use televisions and other screens to convey your message, display your products, conduct surveys, and more.

To find out what technology can do for your display, or to order a pop-up display for sale, contact Grapevine Visual Concepts by visiting http://www.grapevinevc.com/ or calling 215-364-6515.