What is a vector logo?

A vector logo is a graphic that was created using a vector
program like Adobe Illustrator. Vector elements are best for
printing and used whenever possible for the most optimum
results. If you don’t have a vector version of your logo, we can
re-create if for you at an additional fee.

What dpi do I submit my art at?

Final print size for exhibits are a minimum of 100 dpi at full
size. In most cases, it is not necessary to exceed the minimum
size. It will only enlarge the file sizes and increase the upload
time when you are ready to upload your artwork. Use your
judgement, not all images will look acceptable at 100 dpi.

Why are InDesign & QuarkXPress files not accepted?

Page layout programs are not accepted within the tradeshow
industry as a whole. For that reason, printers are not able to
modify, view or print from files deriving from Adobe InDesign
or QuarkXPress. Export finished designs as outlined, high
resolution PDF files from these programs.

Where do I send my artwork when I am done?

For your convenience we have a FTP service. For a custom
login, contact your Project Manager.

How do I upload my artwork to your FTP site?

You can use your internet browser or FTP client software.
Contact us if you are having trouble uploading your files.

What is the normal lead time for exhibit design?

Exhibit planning should begin approximately 4 months prior
to your show date. Actual manufacturing takes 4-6 weeks.

What is the normal lead time for graphic design?

Graphic design, in most cases, has a lead time of 7-10 business
days. It all depends on the client needs and display deadline.

Is the text going to be readable from a distance?

View our measurement chart to help determine your text sizes:

View Measurement Chart