Trade show floors are lined with hundreds of different companies, all vying for the attention of the same customers. You only have a few seconds for someone to walk by and decide whether or not they want to learn more about your company, which is why you need a graphic designer experienced in the trade show industry.

When you work with a trade show design company like Grapevine Visual Concepts, you are working with the best in the business. Our graphic designers have extensive experience in the trade show industry, which will help you grab the attention of potential customers with stunning images, colors, and fonts. We’ll help you attract the client that is right for you and your company.

How is trade show design different?

Trade show graphic design is different than graphic design for a brochure or pamphlet. It is not as simple as transferring your brochure onto a larger platform. You must create a billboard that promotes your brand’s personality while showcasing its services and products. It’s essential that your brand’s personality shines through on the trade show floor by using the right colors, images, fonts, and more.

Graphic designers within the trade show industry understand the psychology behind the colors that you use to attract customers. They also understand that readability is crucial. Whether someone is 3 feet or 20 feet away, they should be able to read your message loud and clear. This means that your trade show booth should not be cluttered with too much text.

Since images will be larger than on paper, they will need to be high-resolution to avoid blurriness and strain on eyes. The placement of graphics throughout your booth will also play an important role in how your exhibit is viewed. Graphic designers in the trade show industry understand the flow of traffic, different lines of sight, and how obstructions can affect the way people see and interact with your booth.

Why choose Grapevine Visual Concepts for your graphic design needs?

Experiencing different aspects of trade shows day in and day out makes a difference in how graphic designers create your exhibit space. We take great pride in being a trade show booth design company that employs graphic designers specific to the trade show industry. Their level of expertise allows us to provide the best designs for our clients.

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