AVA by Novalis

June 11th, 2019

Displaying your product in an engaging way can be one of the most challenging tasks in exhibit design. You want customers to be able to interact with the product, while still presenting it in a way that elevates it artistically. It’s great when we have the opportunity to partner with a client who shares our design philosophy.

In the front corner of the exhibit, we created a rotating, lit tiled cube. This piece is more evocative of a sculpture than a typical product display, thereby elevating the product’s image. The cube was 3’ wide and rotated, giving it a level of interactivity. Similarly, the other side of the exhibit featured sixteen individual product cubes that spin around four support poles. This created a collage of product and color that still allowed for visibility through the exhibit. By incorporating the product into the design process, you achieve a symbiotic relationship between form and function, where the artistry of the exhibit and the beauty of the product support each other.