Nutrabolt C4 Energy

January 16th, 2020

Nutrabolt C4 Energy booth was a whole lot of product packed into a bright yellow package! The high-powered energy transferred throughout the bold, yellow-themed booth. With a backlit light box featuring a larger-than-life can photo, this display surely stood out from afar!

The Nutrabolt C4 Energy booth also featured a second level and meeting area. The double deck was the backdrop for mounted monitors displaying C4 Energy promotional content and videos.

Not too far out of reach from the second level hung a square hanging graphic. The floating sign was built using an aluminum frame wrapped with custom fabric graphics. Among the sea of hanging signs, the giant, yellow box was in a class all it’s own!

Custom fabric graphics throughout the booth helped further brand the entire space. A counter flanked by refrigerators stocked with C4’s product resided underneath the second deck. Visitors to the booth were treated to product samples and giveaways.