When it comes to creating a stunning exhibit, you’ll want to turn to the help of graphic designers with trade show industry experience. With the knowledge of the trade show industry, these graphic designers can create masterpieces that elevate your company’s brand and increase foot traffic on the trade show floor.

Whether they are designing a simple booth or multiple panel projects, they must have the understanding of the differences that go into trade show booth design. When designing a booth, here are some things that experienced graphic designers know to focus on.


Like a billboard, your booth must give a quick, memorable impression of your company, product, or service. This can be done by the experts at a trade show design company using graphics and white space.

If there are too many graphics, visitors will be likely to discount your booth based on the fact that there are too many competing images and messages. A quick, bold statement can create a sense of intrigue that will draw trade show visitors to your booth to learn more. The overall rule of thumb when it comes to creating eye-catching graphics is the use of 40% white space. The blank space will direct the eye to the graphic you are trying to showcase, allowing few distractions.

Graphic designers are in charge of creating 2D graphics that will drive traffic to your booth. They must understand that trade show graphics differ from traditional graphics when it comes to technical specifications.

When designing for large format images, specification differs from traditional print design. Graphic designers must have an understanding of raster assets, which are 2D arrays that map colors to pixels of a particular location. All raster assets used in exhibits must be at least 100 dpi at their final size in order to produce high-quality large format graphics.


Trade show floors can be crowded, which is why you need a graphic designer who understands the traffic patterns on the trade show floor and obstructions that your viewers may encounter. Many trade shows have specifications on the height and size of your exhibit, so your graphics need to meet those requirements while still being eye-catching enough to warrant a second look from visitors.

As a trade show booth design company, Grapevine Visual Concepts has expert graphic designers who have years of experience creating large-scale exhibit graphics. Our invaluable experience in designing trade show graphics will be a game-changer in your trade show experience. Call us today at 215-364-6515 to learn more about our graphic design services.