Fast forward to a few months from now. You contacted Grapevine Visual Concepts, and we designed a one-of-a-kind exhibit for you to display at a New York trade show. Your colleagues and prospective clients are blown away by the meticulous design, careful crafting, and pops of color. They see the finished product; but little do they know, we have a unique behind-the-scenes process that makes all of our pieces shine like they do.

Want to be let in on our secret? Here are just three of the things we do during each step to create your exhibit and help it make a statement at any trade show:

1. Design

Our exhibit designers are part of the overall production process. Therefore, they create well-thought-out renderings for the finished product to look and function just as it was designed. We model everything as close to scale and materials as possible, so what you see is always what you get. Our designs are more than pretty pictures; they’re a representation of everything you can expect when your project comes to life.

2. Fabrication

The key to having a successful trade show experience is consistency. Having one exhibit look completely different from the next doesn’t establish your brand. At Grapevine Visual Concepts, we remember that during the fabrication process. The majority of our products are cut on a CNC machine, which creates perfectly square pieces with precise dimensions. This means that we can recreate a counter years from now that we made in the past and it’ll look exactly the same.

3. Project Management

If you’ve participated in a trade show before, you know that a lot of work goes into actually getting that exhibit on the floor. Our Project Management department work as a team to take care of it all. This dynamic group of dependable problem solvers crosses all the T’s and dots all the I’s to guide your exhibit to the trade show and back. All you have to do it sit back and let us take care of it all.

Now you know (just a few steps of) the process that goes into creating each exhibit and getting it to where it needs to be. Creating a unique piece is so much more than fulfilling a few requests; it’s going above and beyond to ensure that your exhibit is everything you expect and more to help you establish your brand.

Ready to enhance your trade show presence? Request a custom trade show exhibit in Washington or any surrounding area to see how our behind-the-scenes process can make your vision a reality.