Custom Kiosks, Counters
and Workstations


Interactive kiosks, counters and workstations are the perfect supplement to any trade show exhibit. At Grapevine Visual Concepts, we will craft the perfect custom piece to add that extra dimension to your booth.

Using high-quality materials and the latest technology, our team can engineer unique kiosks, counters and workstations to fit your specific needs. A custom kiosk or counter design will give you the exact functionality you need to create an interactive element for your next trade show. By utilizing a kiosk or workstation in your space, your client can navigate through a presentation easily and learn all about your business, product or services. 

Products can be directly ordered from your website from a kiosk in your booth. Customers can sign-up for notifications, newsletters, or other information about your company’s product all without leaving your space!

With endless design options available, let Grapevine create the ideal workstation for you.

Give us a call today at 215-364-6515 for more information about crafting a stunning custom kiosk or counter for your business.



Kiosks can add an interactive aspect to your booth. Incorporating touchscreen monitors into your kiosk design gives your guests a space to learn more about your business and products without saying a word. Allow your current or prospective clients to experience your business’ products and services with or without your presence.


Custom kiosks, counters and workstations are perfect for trade show spaces, but also work well in corporate environments. The addition of one of our designs to your lobby or conference room will enable your clients to educate themselves on what your business has to offer.

Interactive kiosks work well as presentation pieces, too! Customizing a kiosk or workstation to fit into your office décor gives you a selling tool that can be utilized over and over again.


Counters serve as the ideal space for demonstrating products, showcasing promotional items, as welcome centers, or as podiums for featured speakers. Integrating these pieces into your trade show exhibit will give you unique, effective presentation solutions from show to show. 

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