Showcase Your Brand with a Quality Trade Show Exhibit

Grapevine’s exhibit designers create stunning trade show exhibit designs that reflect your brand’s identity and message. Based on your needs, our team will create a custom or rental exhibit design that showcases your brand and product. Our custom trade show exhibits are specifically designed and fabricated to meet your specifications, while our rental exhibits allow you to choose custom pieces from our large inventory for your use from show to show.

modern trade show displays

Custom Trade Show Exhibits

At Grapevine Visual Concepts, our staff works with you to create a custom trade show exhibit design that will represent everything you love about your company, your product, and your brand. Show current customers, potential clients and competitors that your company is embracing the positive effects of stylish and modern trade show displays.

Island Trade Show Exhibits

Island exhibits give you plenty of space to maximize your presence on the trade show floor. This booth space, designed as either a purchase or rental, can incorporate many different visual elements. We can layout a design using light box graphics, hanging signs, closets and conference rooms, interactive workstations, seating and more! An island exhibit allows you to command attention to potential customers walking the trade show. Let the professionals at Grapevine guide you through the best use of your island trade show space.

Inline Trade Show Exhibits

Typical inline exhibits have to adhere to certain size requirements. Usually, these displays are confined to a 10′ x 10′ or 10′ x 20′ booth space and cannot be taller than 8′ or have hanging signs. But even with this small amount of space and slight restrictions on the elements that can be involved, your inline exhibit can pop with sleek and intricate designs. Fully illuminated back walls, interactive monitors, custom counters and storage closets are all definite possibilities when putting together an inline display. Get the most out of your inline booth space with the help of Grapevine Visual Concepts!

Rental Trade Show Exhibits

Exhibit rentals are convenient and customizable. They provide a level of flexibility, so as your brand grows, your exhibit and display needs can as well! There are several things to consider when creating a successful and eye-catching exhibit, which is why we encourage you to contact our experienced representatives. They will take a consultative approach to determining what works best for your company. To learn more about how our rental services would benefit your business, contact us today!

Benefits of a Rental Exhibit

There are many advantages to using a trade show rental for your next event:

• Multiple displays at different locations

• Change your branding from show to show

• Experiment with different floor plans

• Limited show schedule

With our rental exhibits, you can customize your display and reflect
your brand without the full commitment of a purchase.