Custom Trade Show Exhibit Design

Trade show exhibits help introduce potential clients to your company. At shows, people throughout the country gather to find out more about a specific industry. Custom island exhibits and other displays not only present attendees with valuable information about a particular brand, but also have the potential to distinguish you from the competition with standout designs.

When your next event calls for a visual representation of your company, allow Grapevine Visual Concepts to make a creative trade show design that will draw potential customers to your booth with interactive displays and stunning designs. Our company creates trade show displays to make a statement about your company’s products, services, and goals.

Grapevine Visual Concepts specializes in the exhibit design, trade show graphic design, fabrication, management, and storage of trade show exhibits. When you need a custom exhibit design for a trade show, we can assist you with every step of the process.

Our exhibit designers create trade show exhibit designs that reflect your brand’s message and goals. Based on your needs, our team creates a custom booth design that takes into account the type of exhibit you want, the amount of space you have, and the technology that is required.

After the custom exhibit design is made, our engineers reference detailed drawings and use C&C machined components to create a trade show exhibit that suits your needs. We also have a team of tech gurus who seamlessly incorporate interactive visuals and other high-tech elements into your display.

Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Our trade show exhibits are custom-made to showcase your product, your style, and the images you want for your display. Our trade show exhibits are specifically designed and fabricated to meet your specifications. Previously created pieces, available as rentals, can still be fully customized.

Custom exhibit designs ensure that your display will stand out. From small table covers to carefully constructed island exhibits, we create modern trade show displays in a variety of sizes and scales.

Types of Exhibits

Our clients can choose from the following types of trade show displays:

modern trade show displays

Trade Show Rentals

There are many advantages to using one of our trade show rentals for your next event. When you rent booths instead of buying them, you can ultimately save money for your company. If you only need your booth for a few shows, you can return it when you’re done. Additionally, renting allows you to have two booths at different locations at the same time without paying more to purchase the separate booths.

And when it comes to design, trade show rentals allow you to change your branding on the display, experiment with different floor plans, manage any height or size restrictions, and more.

If you purchase a display, you could risk spending a lot of money on a booth that might not fit the regulations of a trade show. With our rentals, you can still customize your display and reflect your brand while saving money.

Portable Exhibits

Portable displays can be easily assembled and broken down between trade shows. Portables are ideal for company reps that are constantly traveling and need a way to promote their brand on the spot.

Portable options include bannerstands, counters, 10’ inline displays, and table throws. They are available in PushFit fabric, OneFabric, and pillowcase fabric, depending on the stretch and texture you need for your custom trade show exhibit design.

After you’re done with your portable display, you can easily break it down and pack it up to bring with you to your next location.

Inline Exhibits

Although inline exhibits typically have to adhere to certain size requirements, our team of designers can make them equally as engaging and interactive as other types of displays. Usually, inline exhibits are confined to a 10×10 or 10×20 space and cannot be taller than 8 feet or have any hanging signs. But even with this small amount of space and slight restrictions on the elements that can be involved, your inline exhibit can pop with intricate and sleek designs.

Island Exhibits

Island exhibits give you plenty of space to maximize your presence at trade shows. These displays, which can be bought or rented, incorporate many different display elements. We can incorporate fabric graphics, seating, interactive entertainment, and more.

Corporate Environments

These displays can impress your clients, employees, and potential partners. Corporate environments include designs for lobbies, conference rooms, store displays, kiosks, graphic walls and murals, reception centers, interactive directories, and more.

Custom Trade Show Booth Design

At Grapevine Visual Concepts, our staff works with you to create a custom trade show exhibit design that will represent everything you love about your company, your brand, and your industry. We create different types of custom booth designs that are ideal for trade shows, corporate environments, and other settings that gather the experts in your field.

Show customers, competitors, and your team that your company is embracing the positive effects of stylish and modern trade show displays. For a creative custom trade show exhibit design, contact Grapevine Visual Concepts today!