Your Crates Need Attention, Too!

July 31st, 2019 News

For most exhibitors, shipping crates may not be the number one concern. That doesn’t mean they should be overlooked. Shipping containers and crates get banged around in transit to and from trade shows. Dings and dents can give your crates character; however, broken hinges and missing feet make them worthy of the dumpster. Make sure your crates are maintained and ready-to-go before their next trip!

A well-maintained crate can add ease to the shipping process. And of course, your trade show exhibit components will arrive damage-free. Be proactive and inspect your trade show exhibit shipping crates and containers today! Your shipping crate may seem like a simple wooden box, however there are many components. Damage to any of these components can cause issues as it is sent back and forth. For instance, a crate with missing or broken feet will not stack well when shipping or storing. A container with cracks in the structure may burst or cave in causing damage to its contents. Broken pieces inside the crate may lead to shifting of the contents and in turn damage to your products. Taking time to firm up your crating will reduce damage to your booth as it travels from show site to storage.

Grapevine Visual Concepts offers maintenance and repairs for all shipping crates and containers. Our woodworkers will make the necessary repairs to get your crates looking as good as new! For our storage clients, we constantly inspect their crates and containers for damage as they come and go from our warehouse. This process ensures that the exhibits and displays contained are properly transported to each and every show floor.

Take the time before your next trade show, to have Grapevine Visual Concepts’ team of woodworkers repair your crates to keep the contents damage-free. Interested in storing your trade show booth with us, call 215-364-6515 today!