First impressions are huge. What does your office space say about your business? Branding can go a long way in how you are perceived. Rather than your office featuring standard hotel décor, elevate your space.

Envision your space with touchscreen monitors, product images and custom lighting. Consequently, a visual representation of your business gives your clients a feeling of who they are working with. Branding your space gives your office its identity. As a result, it communicates that you care about your business’ image. Putting the time and effort into your image indicates that you will put forth the same time and effort into your clients and their needs.

Showrooms are the perfect spaces to continue your branding message. For instance, add the history of your business on a timeline or proudly display your products in a custom lit display case. Similarly, adding a full graphic wall to give any space character or consider incorporating interactive displays to provide information about your products and services. The focus can be entirely on branding or combined with functionality. There are many possibilities to where you can take your space!

Grapevine Visual Concepts can provide you the design and service to elevate your space.

Our capabilities range from individual components to comprehensive interior design. Grapevine’s environments include designs for lobbies, conference rooms, store displays, kiosks, graphic walls and murals, reception centers, interactive directories, and more. Impress your clients, partners and employees with an update to your offices.

In conclusion, custom made corporate environments help transform your business space. We service a variety of display areas from lobbies and conference rooms, to kiosks, graphic walls and murals. Above all, our designers will cater to your brand’s custom needs.

Contact us today to elevate the style of your corporate environment!

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