Keep Your Trade Show Exhibit Fresh

July 31st, 2019 News

Normal wear-and-tear is not preventable. Maintenance to your exhibit is a must to keep it looking it’s absolute, show-ready best. There is no better time than now to get your booth back into shape prior to your busy trade show season! 

After shipping back and forth, your exhibit will need some routine maintenance. Inspect your display for broken or missing hardware, burned out lightbulbs, damaged laminate or vinyl and ripped or dirty graphics. Replacement and repair of these pieces plays a huge role in extending the life of your exhibit. Be proactive and take care of these things now, well ahead of your next show. For a quick assessment of your exhibit, inspect the following:

  • Hardware: Check for missing or broken screws, fasteners, etc.
  • Laminate: Look for chips or cracks in your counters and kiosks
  • Vinyl: Are your logos and graphics ripped or peeling?
  • Fabric Graphics: Do your graphics need to be cleaned or replaced?
  • Lightbox Frames: Look for dents and dings
  • Lighting: Check to see if all lightbulbs are functioning
  • Technology: Do all of your monitors and tablets turn on?
  • Cleanliness: Scuffs, scratches, stains, dirt, etc.

Aside from keeping your exhibit fresh, repairs are also cost-efficient. Rather than replacing your entire display each year, cleanings and refurbishments will help maximize your original investment. A well-maintained trade show exhibit can look just as good as a brand-new build! Looking for more than functional repairs? A full graphic makeover can give your space the revitalization your booth is in need of. As your products and messages change, your exhibit can continue to grow as well. New graphics can freshen up your booth, while incorporating a monitor stand or literature rack can add a visitor-friendly element to your space.

Grapevine Visual Concepts is your go-to exhibit house for getting your booth back into show-ready form. We offer complete services for all exhibit repairs. Our skilled woodworkers will fix your booth components to resemble brand new pieces. From filling holes drilled on the show floor to installing completely new laminate, we’ve got you covered! Our warehouse team will assist in making sure you have all of the necessary hardware; we’ll check your lighting and inspect your graphics. Designing all new graphics? Our Graphic Design team can put together your new look or our Project Managers will get your supplied designs into production.

Take the proactive approach and learn how Grapevine Visual Concepts can help keep your trade show exhibit looking brand new!