Trade Show Services

Grapevine Visual Concepts’ trade show services make transporting exhibits a simple process. After designing and fabricating your custom display, we supervise and monitor it to ensure that it is taken care of before, during, and after a trade show.

Our team’s trade show services and booth storage services assist you with the following steps of the exhibition process:

Graphic Design

During this vital step of creating an exhibit, our exhibit designers take your ideas into consideration to design a piece that represents your brand. Graphics are what attracts the eye of potential customers. Therefore, there are several aspects that go into creating an effective design.

Once you select the type of display you would like, an exhibit designer will review all of the specifications and either fit your logo to one of our products or formulate an entire custom design for you. We can create murals, high-resolution exhibit graphics, banners, signage, and more.

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Asset Management

After your exhibit is created, it’s time to prepare for the trade show.

As a participant, you have to keep track of locations, changing graphics, booth storage services, and more. At Grapevine Visual Concepts, we handle all of the management for you.

In addition to these services, we offer asset management for the day of the trade show. Asset management is a customized software program that allocates booth contents and establishes a plan to follow when the day arrives.

Trade Show Booth Storage

After one trade show ends and before another begins, we can offer trade show display storage in one of our facilities. While keeping your exhibit safely in trade show storage, we will repair or refurbish any aspect, ensuring it is ready for the next event.

When choosing us for trade show display storage, you will have access to the following benefits:

  • Option of last-minute graphic upgrades before your next show
  • Addition of promotional items
  • Shipping detail arrangements
  • 24-hour tracking

From the moment of the first design idea until your exhibit is being taken out of trade show booth storage for the last time, our capabilities allow you to keep track of everything. As designers, tech gurus, project managers, trade show storage professionals, and more, we offer trade show services that can make your exhibit a successful representation of your company and your goals.

Call Grapevine Visual Concept today to see how we can help you at your next trade show.

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Project Management

Our project management team offers the following trade show services:

  • Arrange shipping and logistics
  • Pack and ship all exhibit components to the trade show location
  • Contact and gather entertainers and vendors for your exhibit
  • Monitor technology and media rentals/purchases
  • Install, monitor, and dismantle exhibits for trade shows on the east coast


Some exhibits require interactive and technological displays to effectively convey your message. A highly technological display can help you to display new products, capture and show data, and survey clients. These types of displays are especially helpful for companies that use technology in their own products or services. Technology can be displayed on monitors or other screens and devices.

Many of our staff members have worked in the IT industry for years, creating new and innovative products for computers and other pieces of technology. This experience allows them to effectively incorporate technology into exhibits to add an interesting element.